Rose Festival

The Texas Rose Festival is an annual event held in October in Tyler, TX. We are one of the costumers who create the gorgeous and intricate costumes that the Ladies-in-Waiting and Duchesses wear to the Festival Events.

Please click the photos below to enlarge. These are just a sampling of the hundred (or so) costumes that Beth has created for the Rose Festival since 1983! Scroll below the photos for more details about the process of creating these works of art together with the Ladies-in-Waiting & Duchesses.

The Process
 1. Email us a copy of your costume sketch to

 2. After discussing the intricacies and materials with the designer, we will give you an estimate  for creating the costume. 

 3. We create the pattern in muslin fabric for the designer’s vision and fit it to the Duchess’ or Lady-in-Waiting. This requires several fitting appointments - this is when the costume begins to take shape! We work closely with the designer to ensure that the costume is to his specifications. Then we create the costume with the fabrics and trims that he has chosen for each design. Each costume has thousands of rhinestones and sequins on it, to assure that each girl sparkles in the spotlight.

4. We advise you on the selection of undergarments, shoes and other accessories that you will need for your costume.

5. We assemble your costume, accessories, jewelry, and other items that you will need for the Festival and package it up for you. Your headpiece and some props are created by a specialist and will be transported to Tyler for you. We will let you know when that is the case.

6. We contact you when the costume is ready for pick-up. 

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